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The Story Of +204.18% Trading Bot. Beating Monero 3X In 4 Months — Astral v2 Case Study

Analysis on how Astral bot crushed Monero market during its 2021 bull run.

One Button Trading
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Aug 5
Aug 5

Astral trading bot is created using the AI model that generalizes well in the uprising markets.

In this case study, we will reveal the trade history of one of our investor's Astral bot and demonstrate its performance during the 2021 bull run.

Trading Bot Case Study: Astral v2 VS XMR:USDT

Bot: Astral v5

Market: XMR:USDT

Time period: February 22, 2021 — June 18, 2021

Time active: 121 days


  • +204.18% (Astral-v2)
  • +71.36% (XMR:USDT)
  • +132.82% (difference)

The analysis of Astral's trade history on the Monero highlights that this AI strategy works well during bull markets, outperforming the XMR by +132.82% (almost 3-fold) over 121 days.

Looking back on February 22, 2021, when the Astral bot was started, it buys unfortunately from the top and sells at the bottom that leads to a loss, from what we can see on the trade history.

However, as time progresses, the AI manages to place many winning trades during the rising trend of Monero, averaging out the initial losses.

At its peak, when the price of Monero hit the $500 mark, Astral shows the exceptional ability to sell near the all-time highs, placing a winning trade.

However, after the price drop happened, Astral made a couple of unsuccessful trades. It demonstrates that during the bear markets and sharp drops, it cannot adapt as well as during bull cycles.


In the end, the Astral bot has made 112 trades and gained +204.18% ROI within 4 months — almost 3x than the underlying market (Monero).

Create Astral trading bot at One Button Trader.

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