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The Power Of The OB Wallet

Store, trade & win rewards. The most powerful crypto fuel got its own wallet now!

One Button Trading
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Nov 2
Nov 2

We hope that everyone is doing great and is having an ET trading experience!

After the $OBT Token's successful launch, it's finally time to show you how to put it to good use!

In today's short article, we'll introduce you to the new OB Wallet and the power it gives you.

You'll learn everything about the benefits of storing and using OneButtonTokens and what else you can do with them. Enjoy!

What Is A Crypto Wallet?

Crypto wallets keep your private keys in a secure and easy to access location. You can use them to send and receive cryptocurrencies such as $OBT.

Unlike a traditional wallet, which can hold physical cash, crypto wallets do not store your cryptocurrency.

Your assets are stored on the Blockchain, but only a private key can access them.

Your keys verify that you own your digital money and allow you to transact with it.


The OB Wallet Comes With A Unique & User-Friendly Interface

Benefits Of Using $OBT

The OB token provides holders and One Button Trader members with a lot of advantages. The web platform is the primary application for the OB token.

Many existing product features will now be intimately linked to token usage, resulting in a token-driven product ecosystem that works like clockwork.

Token Uses

1.      Service fees – power your crypto trading bots with $OBT

2.      Token burn – for continuous deflation, we’re destroying a % of tokens

3.      Profit-sharing – distribution of 10% of profits among token holders

4.      Laddered discounts – lower service fees for larger $OBT holders

5.      Referral rewards – use your referral link to grow the community and win rewards

6.      Premium AI strategies – VIP access for the top 150 holders on the newest AI bots

7.      Order placement prioritization –guaranteed order placement for the top 50 holders

8.      Low fees for bots on OB trading pairs –up to 90% discount on OB Trader fees

9.      AI marketplace - rewards for developers– to encourage talented devs in making new AI/ML

10.  Governance - feature prioritization –top 25 holders get a sit on the table in voting next project milestones

Read in full detail in our TokenPaper!

How To Fuel My OB Wallet?

In our last article, we introduced you to two easy ways to purchase $OBT Tokens.

You have the option to either charge your wallet from CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Both give you full rights over your tokens and control over what to use them.

Early supporters of Tokenomics saw a looping increase in their invested value of x6 in just days, but what’s important is to remember the long-term potential of this DeFi project.

Changing the perception of how we look at money through the power of Blockchain & AI is the highest priority here in OB Trader!

Make sure to always read the instructions carefully to prevent loss of funds!

Why Did We Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA), often known as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a securitymethod in which users validate their identity using two independentauthentication factors. 2FA is used to safeguard a user's credentials as well as the resources they have access to.

We are adopting 2FA to ensure that users' accounts and monies available in the OB wallet remain safe from hackers. Itseeks to add an extra layer of protection when users undertake critical actionssuch as logins and withdrawals.

After you enable 2FA, you’ll be able to fully experience the benefits of your $OBTWallet!

What To Expect In The Future?

With the advancement of Blockchain technology and the introduction of new, improved machine learning models, we will build a world where everyone has a fair chance.

There are a lot of new promising DeFi projects that we’re looking towards seeing, and we’re proud to continuously contribute to the technological revolution.

The $OBT token launch and OB wallet are the latest features we’ve introduced, but you can most definitely expect new things to come in the near future.

Stay up to date with our Roadmap, and chat with the community on our Telegram!

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