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Referral Program: Earn Free Crypto

Earn passive income by inviting your friends/followers to OBT!

One Button Trading
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Jan 3
Jan 3

Introducing: One Button’s Referral Program

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re delighted to officially announce the introduction of the One Button Trader Referral Program!

Earn passive income by inviting new OBT members!

How Does It Work?

Log into your account in the OB Trader app, click the settings icons, and finally the “Referrals” submenu to enter the new feature!

Referral Program

For each of your referrals, you got the option to choose how you will split a 20% commission/cashback (tokenback) from the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) trading fees.

Profit Distribution
Each option generates a unique referral link!

After receiving your unique link, you can then send it to everyone who would be interested in trading using AI/ML technology in crypto!

You will earn a % fee based on the trading volume for each of your referrals. You can choose how to split a total of 20% commission. You can receive all 20% for yourself or give 10–20% in tokenback to your referrals. The choice is yours!

How Much Can I Win?

Here’s the system through which you can earn passive income with the OBT referral program, as well as some examples:

1. How do your referrals pay a trading fee?

Last week we introduced the PAYG plan as a flexible option for new and existing members who want to pay for their subscription based on their trading volume rather than a fixed monthly amount.

Tokenomics Update: Fuel Your Crypto Trading AI With OBT
Pay for fixed-price subscriptions with $OBT, or use the new Pay-As-You-Go Plan for maximum flexibility!

The base fee for each account starts from 0.05% of trading volume (calculated in fiat, paid with $OBT at the most recent price).

2. Reduced fees based on held $OBT

If you were following our other updates recently, you also know that you are eligible for discounted fees if you own a certain benchmark of $OBT in your wallet…

Ladder Discounts & OBT Leaderboard
Ending this year with a bang… One Button style!

Holding just 5000 $OBT would give you a 20% discount and drop your PAYG fee to 0.04% of trading volume!

3. Alright, give me some examples...

  • four scenarios
  • the difference is in how many people you invite (and actively trade)
  • flat 0.05% fee for everyone
  • swinging at around $1000 balance, divided across 4 bots for each user
  • two results (one for 20% fee and one for 10%) for each example
Passive Income Examples
  1. If one of your referrals trades a whole month with four bots (each swinging around $250 balance) you would make between $1 and $3.
  2. When you bring 10 people, we’re looking at 10x: up to $25–30 if their volume stays roughly the same.
  3. At 50 we got to over $100 if you split 20/0.
  4. At 100 you can earn $100+ with 10/10 or up to $250+ with 20/0 in our scenario.

What should you consider:

  • the trading volume of your referrals will vary
  • their fees may not stay consistent
  • your profit will be paid in $OBT and its price may fluctuate
The current price for OBToken is $0.1115 which is 80% below its ATH. If you would earn 200 USD and hold it until the bull market, you can potentially 5x your profits from the referral program. Of course, you can also instantly cash out at a secure profit!


The OBT referral program is another new feature that will help with the growth of the platform. From now you can earn passive income by inviting new members, and the versatility of options is endless!

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