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CEX Listing Is Officially Live

Buy OBT on Coinstore, trade with crypto, and participate in various contests!

One Button Trading
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Jan 11
Jan 11

Happy New Year, OB Traders! 🎆

Our CEX listing on Coistore is officially live, so if you haven’t read our previous article about this even make sure to do so here:

OB Token On Coinstore (First CEX Listing)
Buy $OBT from a centralized exchange and fuel your NFT bots!

Get to know why our partnership will broaden the horizon of our Token in the European-Asian markets and what our plans are from here.

Now, let’s talk about some benefits…

Official Listing

Coinstore will list OBT(OB Token) and open OBT/USDT trading pairs.

Details are as follows:

Deposit time:2022/01/11 19:00(UTC+8)

Trade time:2022/01/11 19:00(UTC+8)

Withdrawal time:2022/01/12 19:00(UTC+8)

OBT Airdrops and NFT Giveaways


Share 50,000 OBT in the first part of the Christmas package

During the event, if the accumulated net deposit is ≥50 USDT in any token, 3%OBT will be granted according to the deposit amount. The 50,000 OBT will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. The more you deposit, the more rewards you will get, and no upper limit will be set for personal reward.

*Personal reward = deposit amount * 3%/last strike price of OBT

Share 50,000 OBT in the second part of the Christmas package

1. If you trade with any token pair to complete the check-in tasks for 3 days or more, you can get a reward of 20 OBT.

2. During the event, the top 10 users on the whole site can get a reward of up to 5000 OBT, with the specific allocation as follows:

Source: Coinstore

The above event is just a taste of what our new partner is capable of, so if you want to get the most out of this listing, keep an eye on Twitter for further announcements! NFTs are on their way!

About OneButton

One Button Trader is the Mecca for AI/ML crypto trading. Our mission is to enable everyone with the opportunity to outperform the market with a single button. By 2022, every feature on the platform will use OB tokens. The IDO was funded in just 13 minutes, and right now we’re doing a BIG NFT sale…

Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram

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