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OB Token Is Live. From Where Can I Buy?

$OBT is officially live on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!

One Button Trading
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Oct 25
Oct 25


In case you took a two weeks vacation from civilization, here’s what you’ve missed:

· The $OBT Token passed the audit by Antier Solutions.

· A record-breaking $200k IDO round was funded in 13 minutes!

· We had a smooth PancakeSwap listing, and liquidity got locked for one year.

· In just 7 days the One Button’s Token price is up by +190%.

· We’re officially listed on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko!

Now, let’s look at each separately, what it means, and how you can buy your own OBToken!


The team at Antier Solutions helped conduct a throughout analysis of our Token.

Their number one goal was to identify if there are any Smart Contract uncertainties, leaks, or potential threats.

The results?

· 100% Approved Security Across Several Tests

· Confirmation Of Following The Best Token Contract Practices

· Fixed All The Minor Vulnerabilities & Potential Security Issues

It was critical to obtain a specialized opinion to maximize the token security before the public sale.


The family of One Button Trader will go in history with one of the most successful DeFi projects!

It was essential for us to create a token to provide additional stability for the entire platform. But also to give a unique option for fueling your trading bots with digital assets.

Every bit of progress on the road of decentralization is vital, and apparently, 3000 members on our Telegram think the same. In just 13 minutes, we funded the whole $200k that where necessary… Making OBToken launch one of the groundbreaking moments of the 2021 crypto calendar.

Pancake Swap

The first step after the IDO was to list $OBT on PancakeSwap at a price of ~ $0.115 per coin.

Our early supporters saw a rapid increase up to $0.20 in a matter of hours, but what is noteworthy is that the liquidity is locked for a year, and every component of our Tokenomics is operating as planned.

Supply, Allocation & Utility are crucial factors that we talked deeply about in our Medium Tokenomics Article. Again, everything so far is a success.

Almost 4x in 8 days?

The price of $OBT ranged from $0.10 during the presale to $0.115 in the PCS and above $0.20 in blazing speed.

The following week, it went through numerous cycles up, reaching an ATH of $0.394, and it now has its sights set on $0.75 and higher! Keep track of the price chart yourself.

As the community grows and more people adopt AI-powered trading bots, the more use of $OBT fuel there will be. The more tokens you have — the larger benefits you’ll have.

We prefer to get them at a lower price, while we still can, but everyone should take his own financial decisions, so think wisely!

Official Listing On Two Major Platforms

As of October 21st, 2021, $OBT is officially listed on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!

That not only gives existing holders more versatility and control over their portfolio but will also increase the exposure of our product.

With the increase of new investors, everybody who’s already a supporter will see benefits. Without sounding like a broken record — DeFi is the 8th wonder of the World, as it gives equal opportunities for everyone.


The team at One Button has demonstrated for another time that it’s a leader in Blockchain technology.

Our first impact was in the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into crypto trading. We didn’t stop there; we also launched an OBToken to help further the development of our products and to give back to our precious community.

Without you, this wouldn’t be possible! There are many more exciting things to come, so put your belts and let’s go to the Moon!

P.S. Just found about OB and don’t know where to start? Join our Telegram, and our members and support will guide you every step of the way!

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