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OB Product Tokenomics

More details about the tokenization of One Button Trader

One Button Trading
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Sep 11
Sep 11

As we are moving closer to the upcoming launch of the $OB token, we are excited to share more details into how the introduction of the native token will impact the product ecosystem of One Button Trader.

Below are some of the snippets from the OB tokenomics paper.

Token Uses

OB token offers a substantial amount of utility to the token holders and One Button Trader users.

The primary use case of OB token is on the One Button Trader online platform itself. Many of the existing product features will be closely tied to the token usage creating a clockwork-like token-driven product ecosystem.

Service fees

Instead of using credit cards and bank accounts for FIAT payments, OB Trader users will be able to use cryptocurrencies for everything. With the introduction of OB token, users will be able to trade with crypto, pay service fees with crypto, and grow portfolio in crypto.

Each user will have their own wallet for storing OB tokens inside the One Button Trader account.

To start using automated trading AI on OB Trader, users will need to top up their balance with the OB token.

After a user launches the AI, the OB Trader system will charge a dynamic fee for each trade made by AI. The fee will be taken from the existing OB token balance based on the trade volume. The system will automatically calculate the appropriate amount of fees to be taken using the up-to-date price of the OB token and the traded asset.

Similar to how trading fees work on the exchanges, One Button Trader will have a per-trade usage fee. The system will charge a fixed fee from each trade made by AI in OB token equivalent to 0.05% of trade volume. This will allow users to have a seamless experience without the need of making substantial upfront payments. OB tokens can be withdrawn or saved even if they are not used for AI trading.

Once the AI runs out of balance, it will be paused automatically. The user needs to purchase more OB tokens to continue using the service.

There will be a one-time 1% activation fee for each AI bot created. The % is based on the bot’s starting balance.

To encourage the long-term retention of the bots, the system will charge a 0.5% deactivation fee based on the close balance of the bot.

A user will have a 24–hour window to deactivate the bot without a penalty (including the payback of the initial 1%) in case it was created by mistake.

All fees will be carried in OB tokens available on the user’s balance on OB Trader.

Token burn

To ensure continuous deflation of the token in circulation, 10% of all the OB tokens from service fees will be transferred to the burn wallet and destroyed.

OB Trader developers will also make periodic discretionary token burns for achieving certain product or marketing milestones.


Every quarter 10% of the profits made by One Button Trader developers will be distributed between existing token holders to their wallets on One Button Trader in OB token.

Laddered discounts

The more OB token you hold, the lower the service fees.

The users are charged fewer fees depending on how much OB token they hold on their One Button Trader account.


10% →1,000 OB

20% →5,000 OB

30% →10,000 OB

40% →25,000 OB

50% →50,000 OB

60% →100,000 OB

70% →250,000 OB

80% →500,000 OB

*1 OB = $0.10 on the day of the launch

The discount thresholds are to be adjusted in the future to reflect the changes in token price.

Referral rewards

Similar to the referral system available on Binance, each One Button Trader user will have its own referral link to invite other users to join the platform.

For each joined referral, user will receive a flat % from their OB trading fees in OB token.

The invited user may also receive discounted fees if the inviter will choose so.

Users can create different referral links and can select different fee-discount setups:

  1. 20%-0%
  2. 10%-10%
  3. 0%-20%

Premium AI strategies

One Button Trader development team releases new and more innovative trading AI every month.

Top-150 biggest OB token holders will get access to all the newly released and premium AI strategies.

Order placement prioritization

One Button Trader AI scans the market with a 1 to 4-hour frequency. After the scan for each active AI is complete, it starts executing orders.

With many trading bots in place, the process doesn’t happen in an instant and all the trades are placed in a queue.

Top-50 biggest token holders will get the priority in order placement and can guarantee their orders to be executed first to avoid slippage.

Low fees for bots on OB trading pairs

When OB coin will be listed on the centralized exchanges (e.g. Binance), bots created on all OB-related market pairs will have a 90% discount for OB Trader fees.

AI marketplace — rewards for developers

We have plans of making One Button a place where community-driven AI/ML trading innovation happens.

One Button Trader will shape itself into the marketplace where talented AI/ML developers can submit their trading models to be featured on OB.

For every bot created using their trading AI, the developers will be rewarded with 50% of the trading fees.

Governance — feature prioritization

Top-25 biggest OB token holders can vote and prioritize upcoming features on the developer’s roadmap.

We want to thank everyone who has been with us since the beginning and all the early adopters of OB. With the introduction of the OB token, all the people will be rewarded appropriately, including our customers and those who have been actively involved in building and improving the OB.

Grow your portfolio with One Button AI today. Sign up for a free account.

Enjoy the ride!

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