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OB Goes Token

One Button Trading launches its own $OB token. Here is what it means for the product.

One Button Trading
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Aug 28
Aug 28

Dear OB Members,

I’m excited to share that we at OB Trading are developing our own token! We came to this decision after reassessing our product value strategy and concluding that our users will benefit massively from tokenization.

One Button Trader helps investors to grow their crypto portfolio simply and effectively. Building our own cryptocurrency is a great way to support our mission and ties perfectly with our values.

Besides, having the $OB token embedded into our ecosystem opens a whole new range of opportunities for product development.

Here are some exciting product updates that come with it:

1 — Simple and transparent fees

Use $OB token to fuel up the bots.

No more credit cards and monthly subscriptions.

Deposit $OB to your One Button Trader wallet. Create bots. The system will take the fees from the $OB balance for each trade automatically.

The bots will pause when they run out of $OB fuel. Pay-as-you-go system.

Connect exchange -> Top-up $OB -> Create bots of any size and type.

2 — Reward system

Invite One Button users via referral link, and receive %% of their trading fees in $OB directly to your balance. In addition, invited members get discounted fees as well.

3 — Discount system

The more $OB token you hold, the lower the service fees.

We will introduce the ladder discount system to benefit the biggest $OB holders.

4 — Staking system

Stake $OB into the separate type of bots for low-risk returns. Details TBD.

5 — Premium bots for biggest $OB holders

The largest holders of $OB will have access to all premium AI/ML bots and get early access to the upcoming ones.

6 — Marketplace for AI developers

AI/ML developers can submit their own trading models to be featured on OB. Model creators get %% fees for each bot created with their AI.

We have big plans of making One Button a place where community-driven AI/ML trading innovation happens.


By introducing the $OB token into the whole One Button ecosystem, we get the following benefits:

  1. More accessible and simple product. No more different subscription tiers for using the bots — pay as you go.
  2. End-to-end crypto ecosystem with no FIAT. Create bots on crypto, pay for fees in crypto. It’s that simple.
  3. Better transparency. Track fees on a trade-by-trade basis. Track your referral rewards.
  4. Better rewards. The most active OB members get more benefits for their contribution. More ways to incentivize the community.
  5. Opportunity to scale. More token use cases in the future. We rely less on the 3rd party services. Easily scale up to the AI dev marketplace for more innovation.

The $OB token will be available to the public via the IDO. More details on the launch soon.

Excited to open this new chapter in OB history with you.

Enjoy the ride! 🚀

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