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Ladder Discounts & OBT Leaderboard

Ending this year with a bang… One Button style!

One Button Trading
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Dec 30
Dec 30

Good day, ladies and gentlemen of the substile art of AI crypto trading. If you were following our Tokenization throughout 2021 you probably know that we had quite a few tasks on our Roadmap.

Here are the two new features on the One Button Trader platform that we can strike as completed!

Ladder Discounts On The Pay-As-You-Go Plan (PAYG)

The other day we officially introduced our PAYG Plan! If you’ve missed reading about the flexibility benefits of going with that, you can read from here:

Tokenomics Update: Fuel Your Crypto Trading AI With OBT
Pay for fixed-price subscriptions with $OBT, or use the new Pay-As-You-Go Plan for maximum flexibility!

Today, we’re completing another vital element of our Tokenomics that will further enhance your PAYG experience, and it will save you some $OBT fees!

Ladder Discounts & OB Tiers

Do you like leveling up and paying less? Good, this OB Trader’s new feature covers both.

You can enjoy bigger discounts for each additional milestone achieved from holding $OBT in your OB Wallet.

Crypto Token Ladder Discounts

For just 10k $OBT (which at the current rate are ~$1090) you will eligible for a 30% discount. That means that you would pay only a 0.035% fee on trading volume versus 0.050% if you had less than 1000 $OBT stored.

Increased Number Of Allowed Bots

As you’ve already paid saw you will receive an increased number of allowed bots per OB Tier that you move up to (up to 20 bots per account).

That will give you more freedom and versatility to experiment with the rich AI assortment of the OBT family.

AI Trading Bot Features
The updated page of the PAYG plan. If you scroll down you can see the ladders system within the app!

Upper Limit For Balance In Use

Last but not least, you can enjoy a bigger upper limit for balance in use. The more $OBT you have in your OB wallet, the more trading volume you can use for your OB Bots.

This way, we secure that everyone uses the right amount of money for his trading investment.

Remember: Even with the best methods and technologies to protect you from portfolio losses, the cryptocurrency market remains highly volatile, and you should exercise consciousness for your investments!

OB Token Is Live. From Where Can I Buy?
$OBT is officially live on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!

OB Trader Leaderboard For $OBT

Want to know where you stand in the OBToken leaderboard and if you’re in for the top 20 / top 50 holders benefits?

Introducing: OB Trader Leaderboard for $OBT

We’ve developed a feature that combines all the existing and up-to-date data from all the OB wallets and BscScan (BSC), excluding contract addresses!

OBT Leaderboard
Sneak peek from inside the app!

You’ll be able to track in real-time where you stand in the OBT Leaderboard and predict how much more $OBT tokens you need to move up!

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