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How To Win Crypto With Trading Bot Competitions.

“Win free $OBT tokens airdrop by safely betting on a crypto trading bot competition!”

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Nov 12
Nov 12


Yes, it happened! In the year 2021, you can officially win rewards by betting on cryptocurrency trading bots!

And these bad boys aren’t ordinary because they are powered by different AI and ML networks, and each is unique and hungry to outperform the other.

You don’t lose anything for participating, but the competitions are exciting and can earn you some extra profits for future investments!

What Are Trading Bot Competitions? Are They Legal?

While we use the term “betting,” this is not a gambling game because you do not enter the tournament with your own money.

It’s a simple, fun game in which you can win great prizes simply by playing!

On What Do You Bet?

The OB bots crew is growing every month, and currently, we have seven bots that compete with each other.

Every one of them is unique and is powered by different machine learning mechanisms.

At the beginning of each week, we announce the market pair and bot participants, and you got 48 hours to pick your winner.

You’re living in the future, where you can own cryptocurrencies, let bots trade with them, and even bet on AI competitions for best performers!

At the beginning of the week, we launch seven different bots on the chosen market pair, and we let them trade for the whole week before we draw the line and see who’s on top.

Who Can Join?

Everyone is free to join and pick his favorite to win the week’s trading competitions!

You don’t really “bet” any of your own money, so it’s free for entry for anyone.

There may be some requirement to repost your bet on Twitter, but this can only help grow our community even more!

What Are The Prizes?

The awards can change every week, so keep an eye out for the Telegram announcement for the most recent prize pool.

In our last competition we offered the following rewards as airdrops:

· First Place: 500 $OBT Tokens

· Second Place: 200 $OBT Tokens

· Third Place: 100 $OBT Tokens

Feel like you can be our next top market predictor? Join today and enjoy their crypto gains!

Example Steps You Need To Take To Participate!

Is This Legal?

The races we host on our Telegram are 100% legal and require zero risk and money investment from your side.

You simply make a prediction in the discussion when an announcement is made, and you’re in the running for the big prize.

On What Can You Place a Prediction?

Currently, we have seven bots at OB that battle each week for the most market gains.

Shortly before the competition begins, we make a poll in which you can choose one from 8 different trading pairs on which the crypto bots will fight.

After a market pair is chosen, you have some time to pick a winning AI and its performance.

How To Choose The Winner?

There are 3 factors on which you can base your prediction.

· How confident are you with the ML of the AI crypto trading bot?

· In which pairs did the robot historically perform best?

· What is the current market condition?

*Bonus 4th criteria can, of course, be personal preference and gut feeling.

It’s important to pick the winner, but analyzing what the others are betting as performance can be crucial for your final prediction as well!

Who Wins?

We rank our bots from first to last at the end of the tournament, depending on their performance.

After that, we take all of the members that chose that bot as their winner and decide who wins the prize.

· If nobody guessed the first place, in that week nobody gets a prize :(

· If one person got the prediction right, then it’s easy — he wins the big reward

· If there are two or more right picks, we take the precise profit each participant selected and rank them by picking the one that comes closest to the actual bot’s performance.

*In the statistically unlikely scenario of having several identical 1st place predictions, we would split the prize between them!

What Are The Odds Of Winning?

Each competition is a race of 7+ bots in a deadly 7-days battle.

The chance of picking the winner is 1/7th, and if you’ve done your homework, it can be even higher.

Your actual odds of being the winner are influenced by the:

· Number of member participants

· How are the votes divided across bots

· How many people are in your bot’s pool

Several of our first competitions didn’t actually produce any winners, as people were very competitive in choosing certain bots. If there’s at least one bet for every bot, then there’ll certainly be a winner

Previous Results

By 10th November 2021, we had a total of 15 competitions, with a 16th on its way at the moment.

We had some intriguing weeks and a lot of surprises. Let’s look briefly at them.

What’s really fascinating is the overall bots’ performance compared to the average market performance… 9.341% versus 4.184% which is over 2x every 7-day period!

If you were trading with the ensemble of super bots, you would already be ahead profit-wise. But you can win even more by betting on them risk-free!

BNB:BUSD AI Trading Bot Competition Week #14

In the competition between Oct 05 — Oct 12, we had 20 participants that placed their bets on one of the six available bots then (Endeavour was introduced the following week).

The battle was rough and very close, but Clipper secured first place by registering a +4.25% gain for the week!

Exactly three people picked Clipper as their favorite, and the determining factor was the % performance they trusted to bot with.

In this case, the week was quiet for the bots, and the gains weren’t massive. The more conservative ones have ranked higher!

LINK:USDT Weekly AI Trading Bot Competition Results #8

In the competition between Aug 10 — Aug 17, we had a very competitive race between eight trading bots that recorded a total of +93.56% gains during the week.

This means that if you ran all eight bots during that week with an equal amount of money, you’d most likely double your portfolio (keep in mind that it was during an extreme bull run).

Strong week for OB & crypto.

Unfortunately, trading bot competitions weren’t yet introduced back then, and you could only participate and route for your favorite.

Now, you can win neat prizes as well that are increasing each month, and so does their value as the value of the $OBT token increases over time.


Trading bot competitions are a novelty and yet another way you can increase your portfolio in the new decentralized world.

The competitions are 100% free to participate in and are in no way associated with gambling. That is one of the easiest ways to fuel your account with $OBT tokens and win other valuable prizes.

You can expect new exciting competitions in the future that are built over the foundation of these small races. In 2022 we are introducing a whole new way of looking at trading AI.

Stay notified!

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