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🤖🚀ADA:USDT Weekly AI Trading Bot Competition Results #6

The results of our #6 weekly competition between different OB bots (July 26 - Aug 2)

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Aug 2
Aug 2

The winner of this week’s competition is Clipper

Clipper had made 15 trades and secured +6.07% in profit for this week!

The top-5 leaderboard is:

  1. Clipper – +6.07%
  2. Solar – +2.96%
  3. Astral – +1.61%
  4. Astral v2 – +1.34%
  5. Horizon – +0.18%

The Clipper AI bot managed the trades with ADA (Cardano) throughout the entire week, despite the recent ups and down events of the market trend. He has only introduced that with his expertise, he can overcome the market pair volatility and he could provide you the best potential trades he can give.

Following the chart, we can see our winning profit of +6.07% ROI which indicates how high is the percentage of succeeding trades, despite the actual market ROI of +6.75%. Clearly looks fascinating!

Concluding the results of this week, OB Trader bots ended up gaining +$6.07 in profit when the actual market performance would be +$5.32

Go to our Official Website to create your very own Clipper bot —

For our next feature market pair, our community choose “LTC/USDT”

Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what market pair should we choose for the next competition?

Follow us on Telegram: @onebuttontrade

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